Hasbro is Working on a AAA G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Game from the Makers of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Noelle Westbrook


Hasbro is Working on a AAA G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Game from the Makers of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Hasbro, buoyed by the success of Baldur’s Gate 3, is strategically expanding its presence in the AAA gaming industry. The company has initiated conversations with various external partners concerning the development of Baldur’s Gate 4. This follows the news from Larian Studios about concentrating on its own intellectual property for upcoming projects. Additionally, Hasbro-owned Archetype Entertainment is currently developing a AAA sci-fi RPG titled Exodus.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Dan Ayoub, the head of digital product development at Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro), shared insights into another captivating project that's underway. Atomic Arcade, a AAA studio within Hasbro based in North Carolina, is advancing a new G.I. Joe game focused on the character Snake Eyes. According to Ayoub, this game aims to rejuvenate the G.I. Joe brand by interpreting the franchise in innovative ways through video gaming.

Under the guidance of former developers from Rocksteady who previously worked on Batman: Arkham Asylum, Atomic Arcade aims to emulate the transformative impact that Arkham Asylum had on the Batman franchise. This new undertaking will likely adopt a gameplay style that blends combat and stealth, perfectly suiting the character of Snake Eyes. Ayoub emphasized that the team's seasoned leadership significantly enhances the project's potential for success.

While no official release timeline has been disclosed for the Snake Eyes game, the industry is eagerly anticipating what Atomic Arcade will deliver, given the commendable track record of its leaders.