Honkai: Star Rail – Robin’s Abilities and Ultimate Detailed in New “Keeping Up With Star Rail”

Cameron Underhill


Honkai: Star Rail – Robin’s Abilities and Ultimate Detailed in New “Keeping Up With Star Rail”

In anticipation of Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.2 update titled “Then Wake to Weep,” miHoYo has released details on the new characters, beginning with the singing sensation Robin. Known for dealing with physical damage, Robin enhances her team's performance through her musical talents. Dive into the specifics about her abilities as discussed in the recent episode of "Keeping Up With Star Rail" hosted by Owlbert and Sunday, Robin's brother.

Robin’s primary skill, known as “Pinion’s Aria,” empowers her allies by boosting their damage output for several turns. The increase in damage persists, and the number of turns decreases only when it is Robin’s turn. Her Ultimate move, “Vox Harmonique, Opus Cosmique,” treats the battlefield like a stage, where she performs an impromptu concert. This ability moves all allies up on the timeline and amplifies their damage output proportionally to her Attack stats.

Additionally, this Ultimate contributes extra physical damage with each attack, which is related to her attack stats. While activating this powerful ability, Robin remains immobile but becomes immune to Crowd Control effects. At the completion of her Ultimate, Robin is the next to act, seamlessly continuing the battle.

One of Robin's notable Talents, “Tonal Resonance,” enhances the Critical Damage of all team members. Additionally, it grants Robin the ability to regain energy with each ally attack, promoting ongoing support throughout the skirmish.

Players on PS5, PC, iOS, and Android can experience these new updates and explore Robin’s skills further when Version 2.2 launches on May 8th.